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Anri - Timely!!

Anri - Timely!!

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Timely!! is Anri's sixth original album released on December 5, 1983.

It's a significant album for a few reasons, first and foremost, it features two of her most iconic singles. The 1st song Cat's Eye was used as the first opening theme for the eponymous 1983 anime series Cat's Eye. The original TV version is much different than the album version, going for the more generic synth-pop route.

Anri actually didn't even like singing the song at first, understandably so, seeing how she felt being an adult contemporary artist, singing a theme to an anime, during a time when it was still considered "just for kids", was beneath her. But it ended up being a hit, debuting as #1 on Countdown Japan and holding the #1 spot on the Oricon chart for 4 weeks straight (think Billboard top 20). There's also her second single, 悲しみがとまらない (I Can't Stop the Loneliness), which while not surpassing Cat's Eye in popularity or sales, only making it to #4, became a standard hit for Anri nonetheless, becoming a popular song for live shows.

The album also features two of the most influential composers of the 80s, with Toshiki Kadomatsu (角松敏生) as the lead producer, with assistance from composer & arranger Tetsuji Hayashi (林哲司). The album also features other significant musicians like keyboardist Jun Sato (佐藤 準), fusion guitarist Masaki Matsubara (松原正樹), along with fellow female singers, Yurie Kokubu (国分友里恵) and the sister trio Eve (イヴ) on backing vocals.
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