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Drag City

Bill Mackay - Locust Land

Bill Mackay - Locust Land

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Locust Land is the latest album by Bill Mackay, released by Drag City. This captivating collection of songs showcases Mackay's unique blend of folk, Americana, and experimental music. With intricate guitar work and emotive storytelling, Locust Land takes listeners on a journey through landscapes both familiar and otherworldly. 

Mackay's skillful musicianship shines through in each track, creating a sonic tapestry that is both soothing and thought-provoking.The album features a diverse range of musical influences, from traditional folk melodies to avant-garde soundscapes. Mackay's innovative approach to songwriting results in a sound that is at once timeless and contemporary. Listeners will find themselves drawn into the rich textures and evocative lyrics of Locust Land, exploring themes of nature, love, and the passage of time.

Each song unfolds like a chapter in a novel, inviting deeper reflection with every listen.Overall, Locust Land is a masterful work that showcases Bill Mackay's talent as both a musician and a storyteller. With its haunting melodies and poetic lyrics, this album is sure to resonate with fans of indie folk and experimental music alike.

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