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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Geisterfaust

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Geisterfaust

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"An album composed of five instrumental pieces, each representing each of the five fingers of the hand. Not to mention the title of the album translates literally to "ghost fist." And this is more than appropriate - _Geisterfaust_ is that mysterious brushing of invisible fingertips along your neck as you enter an apparently empty room, chilling you into recoil, and yet haunting enough to make you explore further.

Very long, VERY slow, often repetitive, mostly driven by Christoph Closer's spacey keyboard notes. Occasionally a drum beat will vaguely suggest a rhythm is at work, and scattered bass notes from Morten Gass bring the jazz more up-front. But again, this album is SLOW - so slow, in fact, I'd warn that this album is definitely not something for impatient people, or for fans of Bohren & Der Club of Gore's "faster" stuff - which is usually very slow anyway, but nowhere near as studied and deliberate as this.

Even I was turned off by its supernaturally dragging slowness at first, but then one day I gave it another spin, and by the middle of the first (and longest) track, "Zeigefinger," I was won over completely.

This isn't a good album to start getting into Der Club. For that I'd recommend _Sunset Mission_ or _Black Earth_. But once you're ready for it, a good hour of your time, a bit of attention, and a little patience may be all it takes for your mind to drift into the seductive spirits of _Geisterfaust_. (Barry Dejasu)"
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