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Posh Isolation

Croatian Amor - A Part Of You In Everything

Croatian Amor - A Part Of You In Everything

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Croatian Amor returns with A Part of You in Everything a companion piece to last year’s Remember Rainbow Bridge.

“My younger brother died at birth and I never had a chance to meet him. Growing up he was my ghost friend, someone told me he lived in the stars which I accepted. I had not paid attention to him for many years but when I was making "Remember Rainbow Bridge” and waiting for my son to come into the world he suddenly appeared again. I partly dedicated Remember Rainbow Bridge to him, but I knew that it wasn’t his record, so I thought I should make one just for him and here it is; “A Part of You in Everything”, 8 songs about being human on Earth. I think it’s music which is best listened to at night out under the stars. Thank you to all my friends who helped making it!”

Upon what instrument are we two spanned? And what musician holds us in his hand?- Rilke
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