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Culture - Two Sevens Clash: The 30th Anniversary Edition

Culture - Two Sevens Clash: The 30th Anniversary Edition

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"Two Sevens Clash," became a massive hit in reggae circles both in Jamaica and abroad. The prophecies noted by the lyrics so profoundly captured the imagination of the people that on July 7, 1977-- the day when sevens fully clashed (seventh day, seventh month, seventy-seventh year) a hush descended on Kingston; many people did not go outdoors, shops were closed, an air of foreboding and expectation permeated the city. The song opens with a wailing, harmonised chorus.

Culture was singing a new kind of hymn with soaring melodies, prophetic lyrics relating great historical events to present suffering, complex, driving rhythms which made the hymns danceable, and wonderfully subtle arrangements which remade the timeless simplicity of the hymn-like melodies into sophisticated statements.

Two Sevens Clash, Culture's first LP, set a new standard for reggae music-- indeed for pop music all over the world. Culture went on to record a series of outstanding albums, remarkable in their consistency, but Two Sevens Clash remains their masterpiece-- an inspired work of enduring power.

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