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Don Caballero - What Burns Never Returns

Don Caballero - What Burns Never Returns

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25th anniversary limited edition yellow 2LP, download card included. Praise for What Burns Never Returns after its original 1998 release: As the purveyor of brainy, muscular instrumental rock, Don Caballero spent most of its early years labelled the “Geeks from Pittsburgh who don’t sing.” Now that the rest of the indie-rock world has warmed up to instrumental rock (see the popularity of Tortoise, et al.), Don Caballero reemerges from hiatus with its third full-length, What Burns Never Re-turns. Staying ahead of the learning curve, the band employs little of the muscle that marked its earlier efforts, instead adopting a more high-brow, abstract approach to its music making. The band is not improvising per se, but creating meticulously arranged, post-Kind Crimson-like songs that attack odd time signatures. Stunning in its acrobatic musicianship, intriguing in its relentless experimentalism, What Burns… is indeed a welcome return. — Tad Hendrickson, CMJ New Music Report

The follow up to 1995’s monolithic “Don Caballero 2”, “What Burns Never Returns” is a study in industrial-strength grace, like some archaic machine heaving in exorable arabesques. The metallic guitars and grinding rhythm section interlock with mechanistic precision, yet a very human friction shoots sparks of real beauty. — AJ Sutton, Billboard

What superior minds conceived these eight amazing instrumentals, at once impossibly complex and yet powerfully direct, and what mere men have the strength and discipline to perform them? … There are no druggy lyrics or samples or ironic reappropriations of outré instruments here – just thrilling purity and exhilarating single-mindedness. —The Sunday Times UK

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