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Enumclaw - Home Is Another Life

Enumclaw - Home Is Another Life

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Speak to Enumclaw singer Aramis Johnson for just a second about his band’s sweeping second album, Home in Another Life, and he’ll tell you how he doesn’t want to be seen—just another millennial-pilled musician, someone too deep into therapy-speak and ceaseless vulnerability to tell you just how fun it can be to play in a rock band. Johnson is 28, after all, still sporting the kind of youthful swagger that suggests most everything might just be a joke. Put on Home in Another Life, and you can spot that esprit instantly: the way the guitars swell and screech behind him as he talks about beer, thongs, and love during the inescapable “Spots”; the surging hook about Sally’s lack of apparent stupidity above the sunbaked jangle of “Grocery Store”; the shout-out-loud protestations that clamber atop arena-sized drums during “Not Just Yet.” Recorded in a four-day Seattle sprint by Enumclaw’s four dudes last winter, this is the kind of explosive record you want to blare during a top-down drive along the California coastline or while aiming headlong into a Midwestern sunset.

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