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Fadela - Mahlali Noum

Fadela - Mahlali Noum

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Fadela is an internationally renowned artist from Oran (Algeria) who began her musical career in the 1980s alongside Boutaiba S'ghir, Khaled and avant-garde producer Rachid Baba Ahmed. With her powerful, haunting voice, Fadela has brought a new dimension to raï music, skilfully blending traditional sounds with modern influences.

Her songs are infused with emotion and passion, telling stories of love, pain and resilience. Over the years, she has released several successful albums, reachi ng millions of people around the world and making her an icon of raï music. Today, Fadéla continues to perform, enchanting audiences with her unique voice and infec tious energy.

Her exceptional career and musical heritage make her one of the greatest raï artists of all time. Elmir is delighted to present the first vinyl edition of the album Mahlali Noum, originally released in 2006.
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