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Phantom Lure

Frog Concert - Lullaby of the Crystal Eyed Squeaker

Frog Concert - Lullaby of the Crystal Eyed Squeaker

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Max Grody returns with his most accomplished album to date... Ice cold squeaks settle down like forming ice crystals while snowflakes form a magical landscape. An engulfing set of string arrangements sets the listener up for an emotional, neo-classical experience, heavenly focussed on violin work. These recordings feel deeply personal, nostalgic and melancholic.

It can be said that the amphibious composer Max Grody, whose Frog Fellowship sleepily graced ears and eyes last year with their Slumbering Sounds of the Frog Fellowship, is brilliant–a waterlogged Schumann or, at times, a web-footed Richter–but the synthesizer community was not ready for such deep lore and charming presentation. Now, Grody's creative spirit can be fully experienced with the impending Lullaby of the Crystal Eyed Squeaker.

Featuring rich orchestration, chilling ambiance, and string instruments masterfully played by Grody himself, Lullaby of the Crystal Eyed Squeaker tells a story of loss: a boy, Froggy, finds himself in an imaginary, crystalline world, and the world is left without his presence.

Where did Froggy go? the missing boy's parents cried, and through their lamentations did Grody find this somber, icy sound. Frog Concert's newfound and much more mournful style is in direct opposition to the Slumbering Sounds of the Frog Fellowship, and yet Grody's now signature melodic approach remains. Having cited both Frog and Human classical musics, black metal, and now Modern Classical and ambient musics across his still-limited discography, Frog Concert's multi-faceted sound has yet to be fully revealed.

Fans of Slumbering Sounds of the Frog Fellowship's classically-inclined sound will find comfort here, but synthesizer fans beware: Frog Concert is more than the ascribed comfy synth tag, or even dungeon synth as a whole. Max Grody's vision is so much more than a single tool limitation.
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