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Hartle Road - Maxx II

Hartle Road - Maxx II

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Hartle Road is a co-release presented by K and Perennial. Pompeii Studios, the homebrew mecca that created MAXX II Is Located in the American South, a place that, like its namesake, is burning up. Oppressive heat can be claustrophobic but like some many eggs frying on the sidewalk Hartle Road cracks the southern sonic landscape wide open. You might not yet heard for these perpetually local lead-ins.

But once you see them, once you hear them, they are hard to forget. Rick Hall once passed on the Allman Brothers because how could these local boys sleeping on the floor be any good? Well that’s you holding this record. I dare you to listen to it. 10 tracks 33RPM. Hartle Road features the instrument that can’t be purchased, the sound of two siblings, Toby and Max Hartleroad. Together with cousin Myles Jordan and childhood friend Tyler Carter, they form the group in rural Columbus Mississippi.

In Lowndes County, not far from the childhood home of Tennessee Williams (just down US Route 45 from White Station, birthplace of Howlin’ Wolf). Recorded at their Pompeii Studios by Max Hartleroad and Mil es Jordan. Mixed by Miles Jordan and Alik Mackintire. Mastered by Wesley Garland. This release continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, which has long been the hallmark of the International Pop Underground. Look for the video for singles “Rear Projection” and a show or two...whatever happens it is quite assuring that whatever these times may bring bands can still put out music as good as this LP.
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