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Joakim - Metropolis: The Lost Soundtrack

Joakim - Metropolis: The Lost Soundtrack

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After Georgio Moroder, Dieter Moebius or Jeff Mills (who coincidentally is re-releasing his version almost at the same time) , it is Joakim’s turn to compose a soundtrack for one of the greatest masterpieces of Cinema - actually the first movie to enter UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

Originally commissioned for the 2022 reissue of Metropolis, a restored version of the original director’s cut, the music was removed from the commercial release of the movie after the Murnau Foundation suddenly realized there was gonna be a new additional soundtrack with the reissue. According to them, any new music would “alter the original piece”. The Blu Ray discs were removed from the beautiful box set released by Potemkine, destroyed and replaced by a Blu Ray without Joakim’s music. So we decided to release the music on its own, with the Dolby Atmos mix that was made for the blu-ray edition together with a classic stereo mix.

It’s a dark journey into the depths of Metropolis, its industrial noises but also its moments of light through Maria’s character and Freder. Quite a change of scenery, from the exploration of the living realm on Joakim’s previous album Second Nature to the quintessential dystopian human-built city!
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