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La Dispute - Here, Hear IV

La Dispute - Here, Hear IV

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La Dispute, from Grand Rapids, MI, are one of the most well renowned and lond standing emo, post-rock bands in the scene. Here, Hear is an ongoing creative series born in 2007 as a way to deepen understanding of themes and ideas present in proper album releases through added musical and lyrical context for listeners interested in small peeks behind the songwriting curtain. 

Changing forms, approaches, and mediums periodically throughout it’s history, the current iteration of the project exists as creative writing prompts introduced and followed by one individual member before being passed along to the others one by one for contribution in a sort of musical game of telephone. The end results are songs written and recorded layer by layer, member by member, all around a central suggestion or restriction, discussed at length on Patreon and via recorded podcast conversations dissecting the experience. 

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