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Looking For a Kiss - Richard Cabut

Looking For a Kiss - Richard Cabut

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Looking for a Kiss features: Doomed punk youth. Teenage perversity. Post-punk faded chic. Personality crises. Feelings bleached out. Speed, art/sex, pop/art (distance – Warhol/Duchamp). Advertising slogans for the future. Breakdown, breakup and breakout. The Spectacle. Primal scenes, screams and schemes.

This special extended and amended edition features new text, photos and artwork. There are introductions by brilliant Jeff Young (Ghost Town, Eastenders, Holby City), Cathi Unsworth (Seasons of the Witch) and the author, non-fiction pieces about the novel’s punk, positive punk and post-punk background, as well as further original diary entries.

The paperback and hardback versions will be distributed to shops internationally, and will also be available worldwide via online outlets.
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