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Maral - Ground Groove

Maral - Ground Groove

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2019's "Mahur Club" was an urgent proof of concept from Iranian-American producer Maral, using her vast personal archive of Iranian folk, classical and pop recordings to rebuild pointed club rhythms and templates. "Push" sharpened the blade a little, ratcheting up the budget and joining Maral's process with dub history and post-punk grot, featuring collaborations with Lee "Scratch" Perry and Crass's Penny Rimbaud cuz  - why not. Now she's back with "Ground Groove", a further development of her personal musical fingerprint that additionally obscures her arsenal of ghost grooves beneath a blitzed assembly of overdriven drums and gut-churning low end.

This time around, Maral pipes more of her own live recordings into the mix, playing guitar and bass and singing over jagged, tape-saturated percussion and all manner of sampled flutes, santurs and wails. Opening track 'Feedback Jam' is Maral's way of preparing us for what we're about to hear: doom-drone guitars, pounding cassette-damaged kicks, occidental microtonal shimmers and serrated noise that echoes like its trapped in King Tubby's mixing desk. Maral is a rare beatmaker who allows herself to lean into the inherent groove of a low tempo, settling into a sensual crawl on 'Heart Shimmer' and hinting at Houston rap as much as Jamaican dub.

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