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Oded Tzur - My Prophet

Oded Tzur - My Prophet

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On My Prophet, Oded Tzur together with his quartet of pianist Nitai Hershkovits, bassist Petros Klampanis and the new group member Cyrano Almeida on drums, continues on the idiosyncratic musical path he has carved out for himself - a flowing jazz idiom that seamlessly combines multiple forms of expression - while delving deeper into the meditative and highly concentrated realm of improvisation.

In the process, the saxophonist presents some of his fiercest playing yet. The quartet's synergy is of a unique blend, with each player's distinct voice adding to an ensemble sound capable of conjuring both the quietest storm and the most passionate crescendo. Hershkovits's bountiful stylistic reach and fluent technique swirl around Oded's unmistakable tenor tone with Klampanis providing both backbone and melody, adaptable yet guiding - just like his rhythm-partner Almeida.

Oded's third album with ECM was recorded in Southern France and produced by Manfred Eicher.

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