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Powerplant - People In The Sun

Powerplant - People In The Sun

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Full length from London-based, synth post-punk outfit.

This album is powerful music. Tracks like “True Love” lay bare all the pop sensibilities informing the art, and combine with the unconventionally electronic tools and textures to gel into a comfortable yet unsettling strain of hypnopunk.

“Dungen” excels with such an epic melody, alongside the underbelly of the vocal crooning. Several tracks are just dynamite 80’s new wave sounds intoxicatingly contorted into lo-fi synth-punk.

Finale “Warm Skin” expands the scope of the album with its ominous big-stage feel, and most clearly telegraphs the undercurrent feelings that something bad is happening beneath the surface of all of these songs, a thread began in track one that overflows here at the conclusion.

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