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Predeceased - What Do You Do?

Predeceased - What Do You Do?

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WHAT DO YOU DO? The first album by new band PREDECEASED, new Post hardcore with jammer parts.

Also abit kraut abit PNW indie abit 80s hardcore. It’s loud, different + has riffs. 'WHAT DO YOU DO?' A Question that's as broad and confusing as it is simple and direct, a question used to find out if you're gonna have something to talk about, something in common, something attractive, something you're against, something you detest, something you don't give two shits about, something you also do...

WHAT DO YOU DO? Is 30.23 minutes of big riffs, lighting fast drumming and slamming bass with yelled out but tuneful lyrics about doing this after your 30, learning the perks of meditation & counselling, MF DOOM, Self-care, social status and the pandemic amongst other things. In a couple ways there's a little leftover garage worship from Charlie's MVPs but overall this is a lean and mean post hardcore record cut from the band could be your life cloth.

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