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Scene Queen - Hot Singles In Your Area

Scene Queen - Hot Singles In Your Area

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“Put a knife up to his boner, cut him” with those nine words a trend was born and Scene Queen (along with the genre name she coined, “Bimbocore”) was introduced to the world. Fast forward a year later, Scene Queen has taken over the world and the Bimbocore movement continues to grow. Scene Queen has continued to champion female artists in heavy music and tackle controversial issues that plague the scene. 

While, her debut album, Hot Singles In Your Area tells the story of Scene Queen coming into her own and enjoying being single, young, and free, the album reflects a broader meaning as well. The album explores and pays homage to the early internet era as well as all the sex workers who have laid the foundation for Bimbocore to exist.

As an outspoken advocate for LGBTQIAA rights and a fearless crusader against misogyny, body-shaming, and sex- shaming, Scene Queen proves that you can name every song after a different category of pornography and be valiantly sex- positive while doing a two-step into a metal/hardcore breakdown. Bimbocore forever.

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