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Third Man

Sheer Mag - Playing Favourites

Sheer Mag - Playing Favourites

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Preorder due for release 1st March 2024

Sheer Mag have labored to carve out a discernibly singular position within the canon of
contemporary rock: toggling with ease between the refined flourishes of a “connoisseur’s
band” and the ecstatic colloquialism of populist songwriting—yet displaying no strict loyalty to either camp—their sound, while oft-referenced, is unmistakably and immediately
recognizable as theirs alone.

On Playing Favorites, Sheer Mag’s third full-length and first
with Third Man Records, the band capitalize on a decade’s worth of devotion to their own
collective spirit—a spirit refined in both the sweaty trenches of punk warehouses and the
larger-than-life glamour of concert halls—emerging with a dense work of gripping emotions, massive hooks, and masterfully constructed power-pop anthems. This is the record the Philadelphia rock and roll four-piece has always been destined to make.
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