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Shinesuke Honda - Silence

Shinesuke Honda - Silence

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Harmonious 1983 debut LP of contemplative ambient jazz guitar works by Hiroshima-via-Tokyo’s Shinsuke Honda, available on its first digital edition and vinyl reissue with Mule Musiq’s ace retro programme Studio Mule

“A masterful guitarist and composer with a well-listened ear, Honda-San grew up in Hiroshima during the middle years of the 20th century, eventually making his way to Tokyo in the early 1970s, where he spent several years as a member of the pioneering japanese language folk-rock group Hachimitsu Pie. after they disbanded, Honda-San spent some time in Japan’s jazz and experimental rock scenes before turning his hand to film and television soundtrack work in 1978.

Five years later, as new age and kanky? ongaku (environmental music) became commercial record label concerns, alty offered him a record deal. over silence = ????? (???)’s eight songs, Honda-San collapsed time and space, effortlessly integrating his sepia-toned memories of the rock instrumentals of his childhood with his adult love of jazz, minimalism, electric blues and soundtrack composition.

Although Honda-San went on to have an accomplished career in soundtrack work, along the way scoring the japanese films Target of Lust (1979), Koichiro Uno's shell competition (1980) and Moonlight Whispers (1999), and working on the theme music for the Fuji tv travel program Kazemakase Shin Shokoku Manyuuki, his early work spent decades languishing in obscurity, until it was rediscovered in recent years by record diggers like Tsunaki Kadowaki (sad disco) and Diego Olivas (fond/sound).

Forty years on, Mule Musiq and Studio Mule are very pleased to be able to contribute to the critical re-evaluation of Shinsuke Honda ????’s silence = ????? (???) album as an essential desert island disc for lovers of ecm contemporary jazz, steel-string blues and balearic guitar bliss.”

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