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Cosmic Ocean

Silent Garden - Alices Pure Dream

Silent Garden - Alices Pure Dream

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90 days and nights have passed since I first discovered the Secret Garden. If anything has changed inside these castle walls, I do not perceive it. I cannot say the same for the wild lands surrounding us. Word travels fast amongst the staff here, people speak freely but the guards report of 'the happenings' to me and my council only. It is true, I visit the meadow... regularly. Should I not roam within my own lands? Should a King not feel free to spend his nights where he pleases? And besides, I'm finally starting to understand the nature of things.

Ever since my investigations became more.. intense, my family have slowly moved away from me. I'm not sure my lady ever did understand my nocturnal experiments with The Stone; my muddy boots & staff on an early morning return. Not really. If she won't support this work then it is surely for the best that she moves to her own quarters for the winter. My advisors too have slowly withdrawn their support, Sir Thomas' scornful looks and comments do not pass me by unnoticed. And as for my son.. the huntsman will see that his education continues, he is too young to join me anyway. And besides, I cannot be sure that my .. endeavours will always provide a safe environment for the heir to the throne.

Tonight I will leave our gates at dusk, there are so many secrets to be discovered in the green pasture. The village folk will continue to gossip, how can they be expected to understand what I am uncovering through this ancient wisdom? Last night (when I was at table), I was informed of the innkeeper's rumour; people now refer to me as 'The Green King'. I do not yet wear horns. Until then.. let them whisper, let them speak.

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