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Skourge - Torrential Torment

Skourge - Torrential Torment

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Hardcore punk/death metal band from Houston, Texas, following-up their previous two 7″ EPs with an eleven track full-length. Talk about customer confusion, the name ‘Skourge’ sounds like something you would keep under the kitchen sink. Whereas, the music of Skourge is more like something you would want to keep under the kitchen trapdoor. Down in a cellar, waiting to leap-up from its subterranean confinement.

Like a longer-haired version of Mindforce; delivering hard, fast riffs with tasteful shredding, topped by vocals that are dripping with malevolance and dread. And extra credit to the drummer – those are mechanical beats to brake bones. Skourge shares two members with alt-rock shoe-gazers Narrow Head and one with Fugitive, the new project from Power Trip’s Blake Ibanez. To sumarise: an album that is everything the sleeve art promises. And then some.

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