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Suikoden (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - Konami Kukeiha Club

Suikoden (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - Konami Kukeiha Club

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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack to KONAMI’s RPG classic Suikoden!

Originally released on the Playstation 1 in 1995, Suikoden was an expansive role-playing adventure – loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Water Margin by Shi Nai’an (the English translation of Suikoden is ‘fantasy water margin’) – which charmed audiences with its immersive gameplay and epic soundtrack upon its release. Several sequels and spin-offs would follow but for many this original entry, as an introduction to such a legendary saga, would be hard to beat on the nostalgia scale.

The score is as captivating as the story, fully enveloping the listener in the world of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Now available on vinyl for the first time, newly remastered on blue vinyl and featuring original artwork from the KONAMI vault, this is one piece of VGM history you won’t want to miss!

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