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The British Stereo Collective - Iniquitous

The British Stereo Collective - Iniquitous

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With 2021’s ‘Mystery Fields’, Phil Heeks delivered a stunning homage to 1970s library LPs and soundtrack compilations, in his debut record as The British Stereo Collective.

Like ‘Mystery Fields’ before it, the long-awaited sequel ‘Iniquitous’ brings together two-decades-worth of TV music from an alternate reality.

Says Phil: “I feel that Volume 2 nails the concept of the TV themes compilation much more successfully, being more varied and more expansive, and with greater authenticity.”

Once again, Volume 2 of the ‘Sound Library’ is a heart-felt homage to a beloved era of classic themes and channel idents, inspired by the combined influences of Vangelis, Jeff Wayne, Peter Howell, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Barry Gray, Francis Monkman, Paddy Kingsland and countless others.

Pressed up on beautiful smokey-green vinyl and featuring a TVTimes-referencing insert, the album works as a complete and aesthetically gorgeous time capsule for those who are perennially nostalgic for the golden age of TV.

Melodic, eclectic, part-electronic, part-traditional, ‘Iniquitous’ will sit comfortably among your Geoff Love and BBC Themes albums. 

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