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Tusks - Gold

Tusks - Gold

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Pre-order expected 12th April 

INSTORE on 17th of April!

 Priority entry will go to those who purchase the album with instore access (plus one). If we have space for additional entries on the day, we will be able to let extra people in

Following two revered albums, ‘Dissolve’ in 2017 and
‘Avalanche’ in 2019, London-based electronic songwriter
and producer Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, has returned with
her third via One Little Independent.

Synth-heavy and fuelled by emotionally charged layers of heavenly vocal harmonies, the album is densely constructed, meticulously produced and cathartic.

across ten tracks of deeply resonant electronic pop, the soundscapes crafted here sway from the blissful, ambient and thought-provoking, to slow-building ragers. through pressure and release, ‘gold’ explores dynamics, nuances and emotions using an array of atmospheric and kinetic textures as well as tusks’ singular, powerful voice.

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