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Welly - Live In A Village Hall

Welly - Live In A Village Hall

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Preorder released 15th September

Just 18 months into their career, in which they played Glastonbury and Victorious Festival and became the most talked about band of this years Great Escape festival, Welly and his band of PE-kitted disciples are the fun, sarcastic pop band that this grim post-punk generation needs.

Early in 2023, they released a short live EP, taken from a recording made in an empty village hall in Rottingdean, as well as a limited edition 7" single Home for the Weekend (Live in A Village Hall) through Goo Records - a full film and mockumentary followed.

Meanwhile, they have grown a fiercely loyal fanbase while gaining extensive radioplay from Steve Lamacq and BBC Radio 6. Live shows include a live TV feed, food tasting, live lyric writing, and maybe a few songs too (where there’s room).

A jam of Fatboy Slim, The Human League, Rizzle Kicks, and Harry Hill, Welly are more than just another five fools with guitars – they have bells and whistles, too. Literally.

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