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Human Worth

Beige Palace - Making Sounds for Andy

Beige Palace - Making Sounds for Andy

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Human Worth are delighted to present the mesmerising new album from Leeds’ finest Beige Palace, with a portion of all sales proceeds donated to charity PAFRAS.
Beige Palace is a Steve Albini-certified minimalist rock trio, featuring the talents of Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe (Thank), Kelly Bishop (This Is How I Win) and Ant Bedford (Magnapinna).

‘Making Sounds For Andy’ is their second full-length LP, which on first listen sees the band taking more straightforward and immediate approach than that of its predecessor ‘Leg’, with shorter songs, more traditional verse/chorus structures, and more typical “rock” riffs. But it’s all a dirty trick! Upon deeper listening, ‘Making Sounds For Andy’ is a collection of the band’s most insular and labyrinthine material yet, with linear drum patterns and asymmetrical rhythms clashing against folk-inspired perpetual canon.

Human Worth have pressed up a limited edition run of “Bagagwaa Blue” vinyl, in a beautiful sleeve featuring the art of Kelly Bishop, with 10% of all sales proceeds donated to charity PAFRAS, supporting destitute asylum seekers in the Leeds area.

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