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Ded Strange

Goblin Daycare - Agitprop Hotline!!

Goblin Daycare - Agitprop Hotline!!

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Ring ring!
AGITPROP HOTLINE!!, this is Goblin Daycare speaking from Istanbul, Turkey - How may we radicalize you?

Up-and-coming egg punk rascals Goblin Daycare's long-awaited second release is here and it's ready to overload your brain with its lo-fi alien soundwaves. Self-recorded and produced by Mama Goblin, AGITPROP HOTLINE!! is the perfect follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut Q: EP? A: EP!!. But this time around, everything is turned up to 11 and somehow, even more over the top.

Supercharged guitars, over programmed drum machines, earworm synth melodies, growly basslines, shrieking vocals, stupid-yet-fun samples... Made up of 10 short-but-not-so-sweet bursts of unadulterated lunacy, this album clocks in at a whopping 15 minutes. Like all good things, it ends in the blink of an eye. So don't blink. Instead, dial in and let AGITPROP HOTLINE!! mesmerize you. AGITPROP HOTLINE!! is out on Dedstrange May 10th on cassette and June 21st on vinyl!

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