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Cosmic Ocean

Heaven - Sacred Remains

Heaven - Sacred Remains

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Prepare your supplies and be ready to leave at nightfall. The sound of pipes rouse the spirit as you make your way through the marble temple pillars and leave the city for another adventure.

Following on from last year's '? ??????? ????????' (The Eternal Champion), Heaven returns to Cosmic Ocean for a second journey.

Fans will be aware that Mountain (the artist behind this project) prefers to write and record using 'Tracker' software, originating with the Commodore Amiga in the late 1980s. The result is a unique blend of rhythmic Dungeon Synth, entrancing & hypnotising. Mountain's choice of sounds places his music firmly in the sonic tradition of that original SID computer chip; fuzzy, elementary & full of character.

Mountain lists the soundtracks to celebrated 'simulated life games' as highly influential, such as 'Populous' (1989), 'Mega-Lo-Mania' (1991) and the esteemed Civilisation series. Listeners will also be reminded of the Ultima VIII OST (1990).

Presented for the first time in physical format at Cosmic Ocean, 'Sacred Remains' will appeal to fans of early computer generated fantasy music.

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