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Helen Money and Will Thomas - Trace

Helen Money and Will Thomas - Trace

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Trace is a masterclass in sound design. Alison Chesley’s formidable skill as a cellist and composer ground the compositions with rich organic sounds of cello and bow. Will Thomas’s equally deft hand-manipulated electronics, and keyboards create potent frameworks that bolster the sense of mystery and searching across the album.

Chesley and Thomas’s unique voices as composers remain discernable and present throughout the album, but Trace is a celebration of the connection of collaboration with an acute sense of details and the power they convey. On Trace, the duo utilizes timbre, tone, and dynamics as essential tools in crafting stunning emotive narratives. Together, the duo wields sound with inquisitive aplomb, burrowing into each other’s sonic aesthetics and unearthing irrefutable beauty.

Chesley is an unparalleled cellist and composer who has been making boundaryless music for nearly three decades under the moniker Helen Money. From her work in Verbow to her solo releases, extending to her work as a highly sought-after collaborator with Jarboe, Bob Mould, Steve Albini, Neurosis, and many more, Chesley has remained a singular voice and a pioneer in expanding the scope and perception of the cello.

Will Thomas is an active composer for commercials, TV, and film (GvsE, CSI, The Haunted Swordsman). He has also contributed to several of Helen Money’s solo albums and an ongoing collaboration with Roger Eno.
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