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Lambrini Girls - You're Welcome

Lambrini Girls - You're Welcome

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“The best band in the world. Imagine your nan is in the boot of your car with a croissant in
her mouth and hears Bikini Kill for the first time. That could be you. It will never be us, as we are not Bikini Kill, and we are not your nan. We are Lambrini Girls. Bon appétit.”

Phoebe Lunny (Vocals/Guitar) , Lilly Macieira (Bass) and Catt Jack (Drums) first joined forces
amongst the anarchic waves of the Brighton underground music scene.

They soon formed a strong artistic bond over their creative common ground; not just a
musical connection, but also in the shared messages they set out to convey. The band’s
driving punk rhythms and ability to hold a mirror up to hot button societal issues draws
inspiration from the likes of alternative stalwarts Le Tigre and Bikini Kill, combined with a
biting, tongue in cheek lyrical style all their own.

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