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Michel Moulinie - Chrysalide

Michel Moulinie - Chrysalide

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Preorder due for release 28th August

WRWTFWW Records is wonderfully proud to announce the long anticipated official reissue of Chrysalide (1978), the sole album from French multi-instrumentalist and enigmatic genius Michel Moulinié. The krautrock/ambient/minimalism paragon is available as a limited edition LP with one never-heard bonus track. It is sourced from the original reels and housed in a heavy 350gsm sleeve.

Originally released in 1978 on Ange and Jean-Claude Pognant's mythical prog rock label Crypto,

Chrysalide is a fusion of minimalist meditations, cosmic soundscapes, and ambient with a human warmth, carried by a profoundly beautiful and unique use of twelve-string guitar, bass, and violon. 

Ideal for an introspective listening experience, the hypnotic Kosmische Musik of Michel Moulinié belongs to the same psychedelic family as Manuel Göttsching’s Inventions For Electric Guitar, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, early Tangerine Dream, and Steve Hillage’s creative guitar mastery. WRWTFWW listeners will also be remined of the label’s seminal French release, Dominique Guiot's L'Univers de la Mer, which makes a great pairing with Chrysalide.

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