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Trouble In Mind

Mountain Movers - Walking After Dark

Mountain Movers - Walking After Dark

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RIYL: Neil Young, Les Rallies Denudes, Bardo Pond, Amon Duul, Movietone, Agitation Free, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Ghost (JP). Ninth album from this long-running New Haven group.

The band’s first true double album. “Walking After Dark” is released on black double-vinyl in a full color gatefold jacket & includes an insert with artwork & lyrics by member Dan Greene. The current lineup of New Haven’s long running Mountain Movers (guitarist/vocalist Dan Greene, bassist Rick Omonte, guitarist Kryssi Battalene, & drummer Ross Menze) have been playing together for over a decade now, making their recorded debut on a slew of singles released from 2011-2013, but it wasn’t until 2015’s “Death Magic” (released on New Haven label Safety Meeting) that the potential of that iteration of the group became clear; Mountain Movers are a force of nature.

The camaraderie & sensitivity to each others playing has only grown over time, crystallizing on the group’s trio of albums for Trouble In Mind; 2017’s eponymous “Mountain Movers” served as a reintroduction of the group to a larger audience, while 2018’s “Pink Skies” raged like a group confident in its strengths, and 2020’s prescient “World What World” - written & recorded before the world shut down - slightly shifted focus away from the jams & back toward the weight of guitarist/songwriter Dan Greene’s poetic tales of magical realism. The band’s ninth album “Walking After Dark” finds a happy medium between both aspects of the band’s strengths; Greene’s lyrical compositions and the group’s long-form improvised jams.

To those that are tuned in, that feeling of communion is evident in the Movers’ playing. The members swap & cycle effortlessly through instruments without missing a beat, utilizing the downtime of lockdown to write & record every jam in their practice space. Those piles of tapes would eventually get edited & sequenced into “Walking After Dark”, a tour-de-force double-album that balances fried, stony brilliance with outré excursions of experimental serenity.

Consider the opening track “Bodega On My Mind” that ambles in like a road-worn traveller, its lysergic folk strums peppered with acidic lead lines from Battalene’s Telecaster, eventually giving way to “The Sun Shines On The Moon, where the group’s sizzling guitars are buoyed by Omonte’s pillowy bass & Menze’s percussion. From there on out, tracks like “Factory Dream” give the listener a taste of The Movers’ modus operandi here; a mixture of (more) traditional song craft interspersed between long-form, improvised pieces of modern psychedelia.

The group shuffles through instruments; synths, drum machines, auto-harp, various forms of percussion (and whatever else was laying around) as well as the trad guitar/bass/drums configuration to craft a suite of songs that - while not necessarily similar in composition - feel unified in their overall sonic scope. Tracks like the 14-minute “Reclamation Yard”, whose deep-space electronic pulse is juxtaposed against side C opener “See The City”s persistent acoustic strum that showcase similar ideas of the ‘spirituality’ of losing ones self in repetition, but executed differently.

In many ways “Walking After Dark”s duality feels like a merger of “On The Beach”-era Neil Young & the collective freak-outs of Amon Düül, taking inspiration in the ‘incorporeality’ of free music and lacing it with Greene’s hazy, haunting lyricism and is an exciting step forward for a band that’s already a few steps ahead. Tracks: 1. Bodega On My Mind 2. The Sun Shines On The Moon 3. Factory Dream 4. My Holy Shrine 5. Reclamation Yard 6. See The City 7. In The Desert, In The Flood 8. Night Birds In The Trees 9. We Are All Flowers 10. Ice Dream

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