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Peter Talismen - Lord Of The Harvest

Peter Talismen - Lord Of The Harvest

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Sitting somewhere between Organ Tapes and Iglooghost, acoustica and electronic-music-machine, the album is a highlight of 2021’s musical landscape, where retro fiction comes from an avant-garde approach and melodies are the voice-over" - METAL Magazine

"For the release of his debut album, Lord of the Harvest, Talisman decided to make a concept album about harvesting a field of wheat. Finding standing stones and going off on an adventure. Well, technically, Peter Talisman is the brainchild of Slugabed and Sam Organ (The Physics House Band), so this should come as no surprise. What is surprising is how astonishingly luscious the music actually is" - God Is In The TV Zine

"An ethereal twelve-track album that takes its listeners on a cruise along a steady stream of strings, unsettling synths, barely-there vocals and glitched medieval melodies" - DUMMY
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