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Shigeo Sekito - Special Sound Series Vol.4: Summertime

Shigeo Sekito - Special Sound Series Vol.4: Summertime

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The continuation of reissues of Shigeo Sekitō's iconic "Sepcial Sound" series with its 4th instalment, Summertime, a radiant musical tapestry woven by the ingenious Japanese musician. Unveiled in the vibrant 1970s, this album radiates with the warmth and effervescence of the summer season, showcasing Sekito's ability to infuse his compositions with a sun-kissed energy and a sense of carefree joy.

As the fourth installment in the Special Sound Series, Summertime is a celebration of the spirit of the season, where Sekito's musical prowess shines brightly. Drawing inspiration from the carefree vibes of summer, the album seamlessly blends elements of jazz, soul, and funk, creating a sound that mirrors the sunlit days and breezy nights.

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