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Human Worth

Thee Alcoholics - Live at the Piper

Thee Alcoholics - Live at the Piper

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Human Worth are proud to present a super limited edition pressing of Thee Alcoholics recorded live at The Piper in St Leonards Warrior Square and mastered by Jon Hamilton of Part Chimp. Shape shifting south London noise rock outfit Thee Alcoholics have been not so quietly releasing a hand full of sell out tape eps and 7” singles for a couple of years now. Songs that rail against injustice, intolerance and institutionalised Great British apathy – neatly wrapped around screeching, trash guitar riffs and blast beat driven bass synths. Mixing the gnarly, outsider big muff energy of early Tad and Mudhoney with the industrial crush repetition of Godflesh. Ugly vocals are buried somewhere between the Brainbombs and Girls Against Boys. A relentless brick to your face wake up call of cynical musings. This live recording is a document of the journey so far – 30 minutes of agro drunk rock n roll. In the red sizzle of a load of broken equipment. The band barely holding it together in their chaotic element. 10% of proceeds and all remaining profits from this record will be donated to the south London based charity The Lewisham Primary Care Recovery Service – supporting local people to reduce or stop their drug or alcohol use and offer a safe space.

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