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Whitney K - Vivi!

Whitney K - Vivi!

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Whitney K and band are back with an electric live album that captures the best from their classics Two Years and Hard To Be A God, including a few nuggets from the back catalog and the unreleased tune aptly titled ‘Dire Straits’.

If Two Years was the thunder, the rawness and the spirit, a combination of outsider folk, modern psych, grit, humor and everything in between, Hard To Be A God was the sophistication, the dedication, the mind traveling far and beyond… Vivi! is the hot sauce missing, the perfect setting, the inevitable gift, really putting the word ‘motion’ behind the poetry, the electricity carrying the rollicking combo, the road opening up literally wide and infinite and the wide-eyed dreams becoming a coliseum standing in front of the chaos.

Recorded live in Montreal upon returning from Whitney K’s first European month long tour, ‘Vivi!’ is a vivid, exuberant and jarring photograph of a band that’s lived to see the force of ‘togetherness’, a ritual, a communion of sorts where emotions run free and into the unknown.

Vivi! encapsulates everything that makes Whitney K unique, the freewheelin’ songwriting, visions painted with utterly precise strokes, rock’n’roll bravado, sonic interplay, feedback and shimmer, velvet touches and goldmines, Modern Lovers, Television, Fred Neil, Harry Nilsson, Karen Dalton and the jingle-jangle of tomorrow. Played beautifully by Konner Whitney, Joshua Boguski, Marlon Kroll and Avalon Tassonyi, there is no way back, only one way in and it’s positioned crystal clear right in front of us. Alive


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